Implications of fintech developments for Banks

For last several years if not for a decade we have been hearing so much about the development in the field of technology where its claimed that it is going to revolutionize the manner we do business, transaction and provide services. The key sectoral innovations are across the various Banking business: Credit, deposit, and capital raising services … More Implications of fintech developments for Banks

Cybersecurity chief and netbanking

Recently the cybersecurity chief of India Dr. Gulshan Rai made comments about his approach to manage the cybersecurity risk related to his financial transactions online, which involves keeping his primary bank account in an offline mode and use another separate account for small expenses for online purposes. Few of cybersecurity experts have found this approach … More Cybersecurity chief and netbanking

Meltdown and Spectre

I am sharing wonderful tweeter thread explaining the big bang security vulnerability at the start of year 2018. This is from cybersecurity reporter from New York times – @nicoleperlroth , he has explained the vulnerability and exposure in plain simple language for public in general. Apparently I don’t know how to thread, so here goes my … More Meltdown and Spectre

ABB Korean Fraud

We are overwhelmed by media blaring news of cyber security events and in this noise, we tend to form an opinion that may be Cyber security risk is the most impact risk event for businesses to manage. However, it’s interesting to note that traditional fraud embezzlement (internal fraud) events are still happening with significant consequences. … More ABB Korean Fraud