Role of a Security Professional

Security professionals are doing the following to protect critical data:

  • Hardening systems and applications to make them more difficult to attack
  • Adding layers of defense
  • Performing security scans to find vulnerabilities
  • Conducting internal audits of security controls
  • Training personnel to recognize intrusion attempts
  • Improving security in partner and supplier organisations
  • Updating business processes to include security procedures
  • Image result for security professional

Many technologists think that an information security program is all about technology: That technology is the root of the problem and technology will solve all problems. If this describes you, I appeal to you to open your mind to other ways of thinking about information security. Information security may involve a lot of technology but is at its root a people issue. Information Security professionals act as Generals of army responsible for protecting the territory (assets) against enemy (people) who are careless insiders, malicious outsiders, and many in between.


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