Security & Defence Personnel

Sharing a blog of Robert M lee  which provides quite inspiring insight to the personalities of people servicing in armed forces. How passionate they are to understand the security issues and vulnerabilities and its impact to the defense environment.
There are lessons which Robert has shared with other leaders looking to inspire their teams working in security sphere.
I especially liked the story Robert shared about his senior officer, who did not had technical background to understand the security concerns well. But officer made an effort to learn and understand the techniques and acquired skills in quick turnaround time to go up in learning curve and lead by an example to overcome a mental barrier. Being a senior leader its important to ask questions which are important to arrive at a decision, however at times you may be required to read and study on your own to be double sure.
I am personally have not been fortunate enough to have served in armed forces but I am always inspired by their leadership spirit and “Can do” attitude, which at times is lacking in many organisations. However I feel there is lot to learn from lessons shared in Robert’s blog for people working for Security and corporate fraternity, specially when the adversaries are going to become more invisible and more potent in future.

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