Before you connect a new computer to the Internet

I read these security tips on the U.S. Homeland security website recently. Sharing them here as despite these are quite basic hygiene checks which we all should take care. Why Should I Care About Computer Security? Computers help us maintain our financial, social, and professional relationships. We use them for banking and bill paying, online … More Before you connect a new computer to the Internet


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system sounds too technical and leaves you guessing what exactly it is. I am sure we are going to hear this term more often in future as the cyber attackers leash their weaponry in virtual war in event of a real war takes place between the UN security council … More SCADA

Cyber Security Threats

As a senior manager and government representative following are the list of some top 10 threats: Inside crime: A disillusioned employee or espionage agent will find a way to gain access to records and sensitive data. Data can be alerted and copied or placed on worldwide web. Employees due to the human behavioral factors involved … More Cyber Security Threats