Korean Drama- Misaeng 미생 Incomplete Life

I am a big fan of Korean Dramas and they are my staple diet for relaxation and entertainment.

Misaeng is one of my favorite drama, its about modern Korean corporate culture which is still incomparable to open and inclusive culture which we find in Western world – Europe, America or for that matter in Australia.

Incomplete Life

It’s a story about a small Sales team in a korean Trading House. This team is not high performing in the eyes of companies’s senior management and they are not sure whether to “extract the tooth or manage the pain”.

A young high school grad Gue Rae, who is professional Baduk player joins the team as an intern. Destiny of this team takes a turn for an exciting ride. Gue Rae is soft-spoken, shy, but genius person who through his innovative ideas and intelligence does things which are unexpected of him.


I would not bore you with the excitement of this drama, however I was impressed with certain topics which were covered in this Drama which I felt were unique and innovative content.

In one of the episodes of this Drama, its shown that the team collectively whistle blows on to one of its own team member for being involved in fraud collusion event pertaining to a export of resale cars project. Whistle blowing in corporates is quite alien concept to Asia, leave aside Korea which is too conservative. Later young Gue Rae – Intern person with no title or job security proposes to team that they should rework on the cars project in which Fraud event was detected. This is unheard approach as companies generally consider such fraud events and related businesses to be Jinx and no one like to discuss or even talk about it.

However on the support of the team leader and conviction of Gue Rae they present to CEO and senior management proposal to persue this resale car project. There hypothisis of the proposale is impactful presentation that prior fraud events in other companies  involving Bribery and corrupt practices have not impacted their share prices.  Based on all other financials projections being good , this Sales team is able to convince the management to not shun a good business proposal simply because there is history of undesirable risk event.

This approach of the writer of this  drama is commendable and I really like this as I also believe that one should take a pragmatic view of risk, opportunities and associated costs.

I am attaching link of the episode where the presentation is made, hope you decide to watch it.





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