New Security Roadmap for future

Interesting thoughts shared by Matthew Alderman – VP Tenable network security as to future of security and how the road map looks like:

  • Waves of changes are tenable and are here to stay
  • Security has always been afterthought
  • Perimeter controls security has always been reaction
  • Three predictive technology trends
  1. Migration to cloud IT infrastructure ; Controls to be owned by service providers ;up to 52% reduction in total cost of ownership tco . More companies to cut cost and move their infrastructure to Cloud.  After US , Australia is considered prime country to be ground for technology changes. Singapore is in midst of changing its cloud computing policy
  2. Applications are future – There is going to harder race to follow container approach in development of applications. This space is going to revolutionize as applications need to change multiple times in a single day. Security is not ready to handle such pace of changes
  3.  End point security is dead, as devices are more and more going to owned by employees. Layer of security creates Gaps where attackers hide. New approach is needed to transform security. Focus on over capabilities of Security and not only on tolls deployed. Need to bridge gaps in our future directions and journey. Visibility to our foundation. Establish context of what we do to bridge the Gap. 


Actions to pave the road and start a new Journey:

  • Inventories all our assets – identify which are most critical
  • Continuously assess the device’s vulnerabilities
  • Assess application vulnerabilities
  • Audit security configuration of all assets
  • Monitor and maintain all logs
  • Application to cloud infrastructure
  • Provision, monitor and analyse all users
  • Inspect, monitor and analyse network ports , internal as well
  • Investigate and respond to all incidents all environments
  • Automated remediation of all assets across all environments including cloud.




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