Amit Yoran – RSA Singapore 2016

Amit Yoran President RSA – is a rock star presenter on security topics. This is the second time I attended his presentation and as  always his passion and motivation is infectious. Amit leaves his audience confident, assuring and motivated that they have not made mistake to pursue in field of Information security.

Some of the statements which I would like to share with all.

  • Bad guys are more creative passive and persistent than the security fraternity.
  • We need to change our approach and choose to do things differently.
  • In light of current economic pressure and ever-changing security landscape, almost 80% Chief Security officers are in process to re-evaluate their enterprise’s security strategy in next year.
  • Clearly Board is not convinced of returns on security spending.
  • Business and security need to converge in their strategic discussions, decisions and directions for coming years.

    Do things differently as the existing strategies would not protect us.

    So what are the new requirements and expectations:
    – Align to business priorities
    – Right visibility to security initiatives
    – Business context is understood
    – Efficient response
    – Rapid insight

    Board only cares about overall impact of security event, how does this result in value to shareholders.

    Important to provide comprehensive insight to business

    Business driven security plans, architecture and assessments

    Gone are days a point security product was good in protecting a layer of security

    Visibility advanced analytics no magic solutions

    Big data machine learning is future so adopt and learn about them.

    Tools won’t win battles for us.

    We need Super smart humans to manage security

  • Tools won’t get us on TOP of mountain

    Always question – Why why why why

    Curiosity look for anomalies

    Perspective can change your and your business’s understanding of security.

    Time to form a better strategies  driven by business requirements.

    Work we do matters as it matter to our customers partners and families.

    When you go back to work remember your work matters.

    Red tape in leadership is disappointing (he actually used the word sucks)

    Don’t be discourage and don’t give up.


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