Blockchain is a cryptographically secure, distributed database consisting of linked, time-stamped blocks of data such as transactions. It is based on decentralized, peer to peer consensus and an incentive-driven model of security. Each bock in a blockchain contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, which secures the integrity of the transaction data. The hash … More Blockchain


Banks are trying to be cool and hip and build super cool digital front ends… bit its like putting lipstick on a pig – ultimately its still a pig and new front end is still running into an awful digital backend.    

New Security Roadmap for future

Interesting thoughts shared by Matthew Alderman – VP Tenable network security as to future of security and how the road map looks like: Waves of changes are tenable and are here to stay Security has always been afterthought Perimeter controls security has always been reaction Three predictive technology trends Migration to cloud IT infrastructure ; Controls … More New Security Roadmap for future